That Night…

That night, the rain made me uncomfortable. Something was different, especially because I love rainy days. Uneasiness crept in and I wondered why. Has this ever happened to you?


Something about the rain made me restless that night. I was just tucking myself into bed and I knew it was going to be long night. It could’ve been the excitement that comes with the rain crashing against the window pane. But it didn’t seem to pass as quickly as it should have. This is unusual, I said to myself. I wondered if I was scared. My head said I wasn’t, but my stomach didn’t seem to think so what with all the butterflies dancing within. I felt uneasy.

I knew for a fact I wasn’t scared of the rain. The only time the rain managed to frighten me was in July ’05, the day Mumbai got flooded. More than 900 mm of rainfall due to cloud bursts, combined with high tide made the city that never sleeps, go ‘offline’ for a good thirty days. The memory of that day is still fresh in my head, and these weren’t the same sorta heebie jeebies.

I don’t even hate the rain, far from being scared. Its my favourite time of the year, even though it gives me frizzy hair. So much better than tanning summers and drying winters. Love how the sun is BEHIND the clouds and not in front of. The only months when headaches don’t trouble me as much. Love how the trees seem to dance in the rain.Love watching birds who love the rain. Or even listening to cuckoos sing. Love how the cat cuddles with me instead of scampering about. My Lilies are in full bloom. Rain food – anything as long as its piping hot. Long drives. New umbrella. Weekends out. What’s not to love?

I felt the pitter patter die down. It didn’t, but I got used to it in the background. One minute happy thoughts, the next minute a loud thunder and I skipped a beat. This made me more uncomfortable than I already was. Then there was another. Even louder. And then everything went silent. No cars going by, nothing. Just quiet and rain. I lay there frightened. Let’s think happy things, I tell myself, taking a cue from Julie Andrews and her ‘Favourite Things’ song from Sound of music. But not one thing came to mind at that point. I vowed to make a note of this incident and tried thinking of a reason for this anxiety. I felt the rain dying down yet again, but only this time, I was falling asleep.

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