A Love Affair with Books

At one time, I was a crazy little bookworm. Now, with the number of books I have read over the past year, I think I should just call myself a plain old book lover. I read, but not as much as I would like to. Back in the day, books and I were inseparable. Ask Mamma, she’ll tell you…


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Let’s Talk Safety.

Just two days ago, on November 24, I was waiting for my train to arrive at Mahim station. It must’ve been around 8 pm. A lady sitting next to me had a bag at her feet. The train pulled in to the platform and she got in, while I decided to wait for the next train to arrive, as this one was really crowded. A minute later I realized that the bag which I thought to have been hers, was still sitting there.

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Little Treats from Mohammed Ali Road

If you are a Mumbaikar and a foodie, you will incomplete unless you visit Mohammad Ali Road at least once during Ramzan. And no, you don’t have to be meat lover, having a sweet tooth works just fine.

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